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I did my first live painting session for an audience in 1995. Since 1999 I have been working professionally as a visualizer for some 150+ companies, organizations and institutions.
In the beginning I called my concept "Catalyst art" because the very use of an "other modality" in fields where words are absolutely predominant, always sparks innovative thinking (or "disruption" which seems to be the latest buzzword for that)
The gallery below gives you an idea of the variety of settings. From govermental institutions to blue collar workers. From gatherings of hundreds, where we had to use video and big screens - to a whispering meeting with one ninety-year-old lady at a hospice. From artful business consultancy to art for just arts sake. From huge monumental canvasses to series of smaller skeches.
Unfortunately only few of my cases are documented in English:
My collaboration with "Quilts of Denmark" 2004 which was awarded with the Tuborgfonden prize became internationally renowed and references are found in international litterature: e.g. Here.
There is a brief account for my collaboration with KAMI at the company website.

Click to enlarge photos below.

Seminar on diagnostication practice. The paintings were used as banners and slides at the following presentation in the Danish Parliament Building.  Danish Council on Ethics 2015-16.

Concert. Live painting inspired by a fusion of classical Chinese music and contemporary Swedish jazz. TCG Nordica, Kunming China 2015.

Strategy conference for 1300 employees in a major Danish Bank. 250 x 510 cm Spar Nord 2007

Conference on the Danes' confidence with the legal system. An exhibition of the 14 paitings is now circulating in regional court buildings. Above: detail from "Stronghold or plaything in misty postfactual landscape". Danish Courts 2016

Strategic proces involving all employees from a small Danish supplier in the international metal industry. All paintings are permanently exhibited in the production halls. KAMI 2007

Book release. Live painting as authors present their contributions to Jonas Norgaard Mortensens two recent anthologies on Personalism. 2015

Conference on cultural rehabilitation. Ilulisat, Greenland 2008

Leadership conference. Participants were asked to choose one of the paintings to be printed and distributed as a poster at the conclusion. BUPL 2006

Conference for European social science researchers. 340 x 500 cm finished in 6 hours. ISU 2004

Facilitating and visualizing a series of seminars on "Union Governance". Danish Police Union 2011

First encounter with end of life care. Since I have been writing and teaching on arts and palliative care at university  college. Hospice of Southern Jutland 2006

Facilitating and visualizing conversations on "Our Culture" - between residents and personel at a sheltered home for psychiatric patients. Toften 2008

Visualising lectures on Complexity and Management by Ralph Stacey and Patricia Shaw from University of Hertfordshire, UK. Dacapo 2005

Live painting during speeches, music sessions and even sermons at Church conferences and - camps. The paintings are often auctioned for charity purposes.

Teaching my methods at Center for Art and Leadership Copenhagen Business School 2011

My unconventional use of the arts was awarded by the Danish Ministry of Trade and Industry 2001 and Tuborgfonden (photo) 2004. Se nomination here (scroll)